First Face North: The Truth Seeker's Wayfinder

This simple and easy-to-read book, punctuated with beautiful and timeless stories provokes thought and clarity on how we live our life and relate to others.

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First Face North In a Nutshell

What Readers Say

I would say that your book was one of my key building blocks in understanding the science of happiness. What differentiated your book was its simplicity…  Siva
Your book is one of the best that I have read. I enjoyed it, and as a matter of fact, I look forward to reading it again. I want all this information programmed into my brain.  Roiford

Make It A Journey, Not Just A Book...

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  • Diagnose Where Your Happiness Is Leaking Out

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  • The Happiness Equation Webinair

    There is an equation to happiness.  Here’s how use it to make your life happier and more meaningful?

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About First Face North

Your book was the catalyst to my “personal development”. It helped me to understand myself better and changed my whole outlook on life. So much better than the books that say “do these 10 exercises and you’ll be happy”. You gave more of an explanation and philosophy. Perhaps allowing the readers to take different things from it and internalise it in their own way. Much more powerful! The story in it about the friends that met when one was going to commit suicide had me in tears!
I am indeed grateful and feel very inspired after I read your e-book. I was at my lowest point at that time when I chance upon to see your site and read your e-book. I recall the feeling of having clarity showered upon me while and after I have read your e-book. It was literally one of those e-books I’d recommend to anyone to read to have that sense of clarity and be inspired to move on with their life despite all the obstacles they have.
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